Canned Tuna Over Rice

This canned tuna and rice is one of those quick meal ideas that you'll come back to time and time again. A few simple ingredients and a couple of minutes are all you need to prepare this delicious recipe. With 4 different flavor variations, you'll be surprised by how delicious of a dinner you can make with a can of tuna and leftover rice.

– ½ cup rice cooked – 1 (5 or 6 oz) can tuna I prefer solid albacore for best texture and most mild taste – salt and pepper to taste




Drain the can of tuna and place it in a bowl. Mix together with the sauces/seasonings of your desired flavor.

Mix Tuna.



Cook rice or reheat leftover rice in the microwave (TIP: If you microwave rice, place an ice cube on top to prevent it from drying out).

Prepare Rice



Place the cooked rice and tuna mixture in a bowl. Top with vegetables, seeds and additional sauce as desired.





CREAMY DILL – Seasonings: Mix tuna with 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt, 1 diced dill pickle (about ¼ cup) and 1 tablespoon pickle juice – Vegetable and Toppings Suggestions: Lettuce, celery, radish, carrots, cucumber, extra pickles, fresh dill

Make it your Own!

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